CIN Emeritus Faculty

David Copenhagen, PhD

Synaptic pathways in the retina

Howard Fields, MD, PhD

Motivation, punishment and reward circuits

Howard Fields received his MD and PhD in Neuroscience at Stanford in 1965-66. After Internal Medicine training at Bellevue Hospital in New York, he spent three years as a research neurologist at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. Following clinical training in neurology at the Boston City Hospital Service of Harvard Medical School in 1972, he joined the faculty of the University of California San Francisco. Fields major interests are in nervous system mechanisms of pain and substance abuse with a focus on how endogenous opioids contribute to these mechanisms.

Philip Sabes, PhD

Sensorimotor physiology and neuroprosthetics

Philip Sabes is a Professor Emeritus at UCSF and a neurotechnology startup founder.

Dr. Sabes received his PhD from MIT in machine learning and human motor control. He did his postdoctoral research in neurophysiology at Caltech and the Salk Institute, before joining the UCSF Department of Physiology in 2000. At UCSF, Dr. Sabes' lab studied neural computations for movement control and developed novel tools for interfacing with the primate brain.